The car rental price from Surabaya to Malang is IDR 450,000 including Avanza car and driver. Prices do not include toll fuel and parking, including traveling around the cities of Batu and Pujon. There are no restrictions on the destination as long as you are still in Malang city except for southern Malang such as Gia Cina beach, a minimum of two days. You are free to choose your destination anywhere in Malang and Batu. Car rental from Surabaya to Malang is the best-selling and most popular because Malang is a tourist destination in East Java. Innova car rental Rp. 650 000 Price includes car and driver. Price does not include fuel, tolls and parking. Innova cars have wider passenger space, very suitable for families. The trunk is also wider than the Avanza. Innova has a high level of comfort because of its wide body plus the new all-electric system. Second best selling after Avanza in Surabaya car rental. Elf L, Hiace, Pajero Drop Off Rp. 1 700 000 Price includes car + driver + fuel. Price does not include toll and parking.

The journey from Surabaya to Malang only takes 1 hour 42 minutes starting from Venusrentcar Surabaya. Previously it was 3 hours to 4 hours because in 2019 there was a toll road that was free of obstacles. In 2020, many new tourism destinations will be developed by the Batu city government, making Malang the number 1 recreation area in East Java. In 2021, many recreational areas will still be closed due to the impact of the corona disease or Covid. The problem with going to Malang is traffic jams. In 2020, widening will begin. If you want to enjoy the beautiful city of Batu with various famous tourist destinations, come on a weekday. Don't come on holidays, especially on big days because there is a lot of traffic. You waste a lot of time on the road. If you have to come on a holiday, it's best to stay overnight and rent a villa or accommodation close to the tourist spot you want to visit. Recreation in the middle of the most frequently visited city of Malang; Brawijaya Museum Malang Located on Jalan Ijen Jl. Ijen No.25 A, Gading Kasri, Kec. Klojen, Malang City, East Java 65115. The colorful Jodipan tourist village is located in Alley 1 Jodipan, Kesatrian, Kec. Blimbing, Malang City, East Java 65126. Selecta Batu Malang is the oldest or first tourist attraction in Batu Malang City. Until now, in 2020, there are still many fans because it always renovates and takes good care of the Selecta tourist park. Coban Rondo You will feel the panorama of the mountains with animals living freely in nature. You will see various birds flying freely in the mountains. Monkeys acting funny will welcome you in the parking lot. Coban Sewu / Tumpak Sewu The best waterfall in East Java until now 2021 which has not yet been renovated. the authenticity of the nature is very pronounced. This waterfall comes from natural sources of mountain water and river flows which also originate from mountain water sources. Many visitors from abroad such as America, Russia, Australia come here, but many Indonesians themselves don't know about it. In 2021, work on many developments such as hotels will begin. Surabaya to Malang car rentals, especially to recreation areas, were reduced by 95% after Covid 19. The reduction in car rentals from Surabaya to Malang and Batu occurred at the beginning of 2020 because recreation areas were closed. Access roads to Malang and Batu are also closed. At the beginning of 2021, many tourist attractions began to open again. Currently, in May 2021, you can enjoy traveling to Malang again as long as you continue to pay attention to health protocols by always wearing a mask and maintaining your distance from other people. Surabaya Car Rental Car Rental Venusrentcar Car rental from Surabaya to Malang, especially towards Batu, is the best-selling route at the moment. Avanza, Innova still occupy the highest ranking. Many people are interested in renting a car from Surabaya to Malang because apart from being an educational city, it is also the biggest tourist attraction in East Java which is equipped with the sea, mountains and very friendly animals. The recreation center in Malang is located in Batu City. Beach recreation is in South Malang, which is usually called South Beach. For south coast tourism, you can click here to rent a car in Surabaya to China Cave Beach. Batu City is a municipality that is the favorite recreational destination in East Java. The cool air makes foreign and local tourists feel at home to relax with family and close relatives. You can relax in Batu City by renting a car in Surabaya to tourist attractions in Batu City. Friendly service with a smile will add comfort to your trip. Things that need to be paid attention to are that the city of Malang and the city of Batu are areas with traffic jams. On regular holidays or Sundays and weekends, traffic jams are evenly distributed in Malang and Batu, especially on big holidays like New Year, traffic jams are very difficult to break down. The Surabaya Malang route can be taken in 2.5 hours on normal days but during holidays, it can take up to 6 hours. Surabaya car rental advice, it is best to go on holiday on weekdays between Monday and Friday. The journey from Surabaya to Malang will be more interesting if you return via Cangar. After arriving at Pacet, take the trawas direction. The panorama here is different from the usual route. After passing the Selecta baths, you will enjoy the beautiful panorama of rice fields, apple plantations with a backdrop of the Welirang and Arjuno mountains and finally you will reach and pass through the slopes of the mountains. On this route there are several tourist attractions that you can stop at, such as; Cangar hot springs, Coban twin watu ondo, Pacet hot springs. From the Pacet hot springs, take the trawas route. Things to pay attention to when passing through the cangar route; maintain vehicle speed. use transmission 1, 2. Gear 3 only if necessary. When going downhill, always use transmission 1. For automatic vehicles, use manual transmission. Do not use the brakes for long periods of time continuously, it is very dangerous. The brake pads will get hot and the brakes will fail or not work. In Malang there are also many temples such as Jago Temple and others. Surabaya car rental has taken guests to all the temples in Malang. Apart from recreation at Batu, beaches, temples and waterfalls, Malang also has Gunung Kawi recreation which is said to make business run smoothly and provide a path to success. It all depends on belief but it has been proven a lot. For hotels with historical nuances, there is a hotel in front of the monument, namely the Tugu Hotel. This hotel is popular with foreign tourists as well as local tourists. There is no need to doubt the service. Renting a car in Surabaya to tourist attractions in Malang and Batu is currently the most popular.


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